If you have chosen to read this article, chances are you have used Skype more than a few times and you are indeed searching for Skype alternatives. 

Back in 2003 when most of our communication relied on SMSs, Emails, and phone calls, Skype gave us something that was much needed. An easier, faster, and smarter way to communicate. 

Skype’s internet-based telephony model became habitual in households and corporate offices. The platform basically freed millions of people from breaking their banks while making expensive national/international calls via telephone companies. 

But, eventually, people started expecting more from Skype. 

In 2011, Microsoft took over Skype. Since then, the story of skype hasn’t been that pretty. Weird quirks, security risks, unreliable connections, poor audio/video quality – lately, users have been having an array of issues with Skype application. As a result, they have been abandoning Skype’s ship and looking for safer grounds, aka Skype alternatives.

If you have been thinking about replacing Skype with something else – something better, more reliable, keep reading.

Why Search For Skype Alternatives?

Skype has been one of the most successful tech inventions in the world – No one is debating over that part. Skype’s peer to peer messaging and conferencing services revolutionalized the telecommunication industry.

But time has changed. And Skype has somehow failed to keep up.


As I said earlier in this post that – Skype users have been having an array of issues lately. These issues range from basic functionality to prominent security threats. Now, let’s take a look at some of these issues more closely. After all, they are the very reason why you or any other Skype user needs to search for Skype alternatives.

Listed below are some of the most annoying moments Skype users have experienced.

  • The app is too slow at times
  • Call quality is just too low.
  • There are noisy notifications for everything.
  • The constant design updates are confusing.
  • It keeps spamming you with fake and hacked accounts

What’s Better Than A Skype Conference Call? – Everything?

So, now that we are clear about What’s wrong with Skype, let’s take a look at What’s better than Skype

Top Skype Alternatives (2020 Version)


One easy-to-use platform to unify cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging.

Best for: Online video conferencing, Wireless media sharing, video system interoperability, screen sharing, and more.

Offers features like: On-demand webcasting, Presentation streaming, Presentation tools, Private chat, Real-Time chat, Record/playback ability, Screen sharing, Two-way audio & video, electronic hand raise. 

Available for: Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Cost: $14.99 per month, per user. There is also a free version but no free trial. 

Skype for business alternatives


A video conferencing software and interactive webinar platform that lets teams and groups meet, discuss & build relationships from anywhere anytime, and on any device. 

Best for: Interacting with a large crowd, sharing ideas and building trust with face to face online meetings, and generating leads and expanding the market reach of your business.

Offers features like: one-click video meetings, Live broadcast, Real-time chat, Advanced call controls, Hand raise, Screen sharing, File sharing. 

Available for: Windows, Web, iOS, Android

Cost: Contact sales for detailed pricing.


An excellent choice for sending free texts, sharing files, and making audio/video calls across platforms, even internationally.

Best for: Chat and messaging.

Offers features like: Batch communication, In-demand communication, Chat and messaging, Multi-channel communication, Video calls, Audio calls

Available for: Windows, Web, iOS, Android

Costs: Free.

 Best Video Calling Apps for HD video Chat


An audio conferencing app that lets you connect 3-1000+ people on one conference call in less than 30 seconds.

Best for: Instant, large-scale audio conferencing – no internet or hardware required.

Offers features like: Dial-in conferencing, Dial-out conferencing, Conference scheduling, Advanced conference settings, Web conferencing, advanced conference analytics. 

Available for: Windows, Web, iOS, Android

Costs: Contact the sales team for detailed pricing. 

Google Hangouts Meet

A mobile and web-based google application that lets small to large businesses conduct voice/video calls among colleagues or business partners.

Best for:  Web conferencing

Offers features like: Instant messaging, Document collaboration, Audio conferencing, Video conferencing, Scheduling. 

Available for: Web, iOS, Android

Costs: Free


An enterprise solution that promises simple, consistent, modern video experience across all your devices.

Best for: Video conferencing, cloud calling, screen share, and webinars

Offers features like: Instant messaging, Group live chat, Audio conferencing, Video conferencing, Scheduling, Recording. 

Available for: Web, iOS, Android

Costs: WebEx pricing plans range from $13.50 to $26.95 per month, per host. There is also a free version, but with limited features. 

alternatives to Skype for business


A tool that lets businesses promote brand visibility and awareness using group chats, video calls, interactive content, and more.

Best for: Web-based call and messaging

Offers features like: Discussion boards, Batch communication, Chat/messaging, Multi-channel communication, On-demand communication, Interactive content sharing.

Available for: Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Costs: Contact vendor for detailed pricing.


A superior video messaging app allows people to initiate and engage in video calls with their Apple devices in the easiest, fastest way possible. 

Best for: Video messaging

Offers features like: Elegant interface, HD video, Fast setup, Anywhere, any time access

Available for: Mac, iOS

Costs: Available to download at $0.99 via the Apple iTunes Store


The tools I have listed in this post are all great Skype alternatives, however, they are not the only ones. This list will give you a clear idea of what kind of tools you can replace Skype with – rest is up to you and your everyday communication needs. Just make sure you evaluate all your options (go for as many free trials and demos as possible) and select the best one for your text, audio, and video communication needs. 

Also, if you have been using a tool or app that deserves a slot in the list of best Skype Alternatives, do let me know. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues.